Carli Williams’ Fierce Body Protocol Review

In this fierce body protocol review, we will be providing you with detailed information about this product which provides you with a meal plan to help you reboot your metabolism so that your body can go to the fat-burning mode for the whole day.

In this program, you will be taught about various types of diets that will help you sustainably lose weight and stay in shape without gaining back the lost body weight. This is a 28-days meal plan which contains various recipes that will help you to lose weight by increasing the metabolism of your body and bringing it to adequate levels so that you will be able to burn more calories and get rid of your stubborn body fat. This program is suitable for people of all ages and it is equally beneficial for men although its targeted audience is mainly women.

About the Author

This program is created by Carli Williams who is a fitness coach and an Instagram influencer who has inspired a lot of women with her story of how she regained her body after delivering 3 kids. Carli has made her life’s mission to help women lose weight without having to go through strict diets and tormenting gym routines.

After having her first baby, she was tired of hearing a lot of negative comments about the way she looked which made her buy expensive meal plans and try various exercise routines but she was unable to regain her shape. Then she went on to explore various diet plans and workout routines which led her to the discovery of a simple way using which she was able to turn her body into a fat-burning machine. It took her months and months of research of trial and error with a lot of programs until she finally found this particular way of transforming her body. She went on to use this perfect weight loss solution to get a six-pack after having her first baby. Soon she became an inspiration to a lot of women and gained more than 90,000 followers on Instagram. Now, she is offering her secret weight-loss diet to you through this program.

About the Program

This program is based on the 3 truths of insulin sensitivity that come from the research work of Dr. Benjamin Bikman who earned his Ph.D. in bio-energetics, a post-doctoral research fellow at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and he is a professor of pathophysiology as well as a biomedical scientist at Brigham Young University in Utah.

The 3 truths of insulin sensitivity based on which this program is created are as follows:

  1. By managing the amount of carbohydrates consumed, one can avoid the sudden increase in insulin levels because processed carbohydrates are responsible for the spike in insulin levels.
  2. By keeping the protein as the primary concern in your food you can be more fit, so prioritizing the protein and having a good amount of animal protein in your diet is essential.
  3. When you have remaining calories for the day to consume, you can eat fat because fat does not have any kind of effect on your insulin levels.

By following these 3 truths of insulin sensitivity, one can have a diet plan prepared that is highly helpful for losing weight by keeping your energy levels high. That is why Carli has created this program based on these factors to provide you with a meal plan that will supercharge your metabolism whereas it will also provide you with delicious recipes that you will love.

The strategy with which these meal plans are created also focuses on what kind of food you eat at different times of the day because the order in which you eat is a very important factor that affects your fitness.

The fierce body reboot meal plan is a 28-days program that is based on the fierce body reboot protocol which focuses on protein, fiber, fat, water, and fasting. This 28-days routine is backed up by Dr. Banjemin Bikman who is an expert on insulin resistance and weight loss. You will also receive a 10-days quick start work guide in the package which contains 10 workout videos created by Carli. These videos are filled with 45-50 min long exercises that are easy to perform and Carli will guide you step-by-step in these videos to make sure that you are doing them the right way. You will also gain a private Facebook group membership where you will be supported and helped by a group of more than 7k subscribers who are on the same journey as you.

In addition to this, you will also receive a PDF guide based on dessert recipes, this book contains recipes using which you will be able to prepare your favorite dessert that will be based on the diet program you are being offered here.

Final Advice

Overall, we think that you are getting enough material in this package because apart from the main meal plan the author has also included the exercise training videos and the dessert recipe book which we think is a perfect addition to a material like this.

Since Carli is leading by example and she really has inspired a lot of people, especially women with her weight loss journey, we believe that the knowledge that she is sharing with you and the meal plan you are getting in this program will be useful for you too.

We are pretty positive about this product and they are offering a 14-days moneyback guarantee with this program so you can try this for 2-weeks and ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

For more information, kindly visit the product website.

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