Dan Sullivan’s My Survival Farm Book Review

In this My Survival Farm book review, we are going to provide you with in-depth information on this book written by Dan Sullivan which is a complete guide that will prepare you to create your own garden filled with fresh organic vegetables that are sufficient to provide you food for about a year during the times of crisis. This book is filled with information that can teach anybody to grow natural veggies in a hidden garden that can produce 8 times more than the conventional types of gardens.

This small farm of yours that you will be able to create with the help of this guide will act as a lifesaver to you during times of crisis in case the food supply gets disrupted.

This survival farm will not require any watering, digging, fertilizing, or weeding like the usual gardens whereas it will provide you with nutritious as well as tasty food that will be highly helpful when survival becomes difficult.

The way of designing this survival garden is such that it can stay completely hidden in plain sight and it requires very less space, so this farm can grow on autopilot while yielding vegetables and fruits like potatoes, beans, spinach, carrots, berries, etc.

The method used to create this farm replicates the nature’s way of growing food, so once you have set up this garden, it requires very less effort from your side and that is why Dan has brought you this survival gardening course by collaborating with 2 other gardening experts so that you can have a complete supply of food even during the times of crisis.

About the Product

My Survival Farm is a book that will act as a strategic guide for you which is filled with all the information that you will ever require to create your own survival garden and they have presented the content of this book in a manner that can be used by anyone to follow the lessons given in the book and put those methods into practical use. In the book, you will find very easy-to-read instructional content filled with explanations that use pictures and diagrams to walk you through a step-by-step process on how to build a farm that follows mother nature’s way of growing plants which does not require much human attention.

In this survival gardening course, you will be taught how you can set up a highly nutritious soil that will act as a catalyst for the plants and once you have done what is required before planting the garden, you will have a food forest that is self-sufficient and you will also learn how you can use this farm to grow more than 125 plants that can survive the climate of any type. You will learn a special method here using which you will be able to create the environment for the plants in a way that they will never compete with each other for nutrients or sunlight. This book has a special method that takes care of pests naturally by planting some unique plants that repel insects so that you can avoid using any pesticides.

In this book, you will learn about the secret plants that can act as natural fertilizers for the other plants in the garden and you will be able to make your organic fertilizers. You will also find information on how you can attract bees using bee-friendly plants and they will also provide you with information on how you can grow bees for pollination.

Apart from this, this book also has medicinal solutions for a situation of crisis that can cut off the medicinal supplies, so here you will be taught how you can grow more than 50 types of plants in your garden that will act as an emergency solution for various diseases. The authors have included medicinal plants in the list that can cure more than hundreds of diseases. In the book, they have not only shown how you can grow these plants at your home but they have also shown how you can use them in practical situations too.

If you don’t have space for a garden like if you are living in an apartment then also this book can be useful for you as the makers have shown some unique ways that can be used in small spaces to create an indoor garden. This method of creating a garden inside an apartment goes beyond vertical stacking on walls and trellises so that you can have your own small farm that can even survive in indoor conditions.

Bonus Material

Bonus #1: Parma Culture Action Plan and Checklist – This book is a condensed version of the main material and it contains more than 10 examples of parma culture gardens that are explained using diagrams so that you can avoid mistakes and refer to this checklist to have all the points covered while creating your garden.

Bonus #2: SHTF Water – In this guide, you will be shown methods to keep availability of water for you for survival processes, so it contains strategies using which you can store harvest, find water sources in terrain and it will teach you how you can filter and purify water to make it suitable for drinking purpose when facing a crisis.

Adding to these 2 books, you will be getting 3 small bonuses that are as follows:

  1. Canning Authority- In this book, you will find the strategies and methods using which you will be able to can your food for storage and it will show you various strategies that will help you to avoid getting your cans spoiled or infected with botulism.
  2. Veggie Profits- In this guide, the authors have shown how you can sell your extra yields to make some money. The strategies provided in this book can be used during a crisis situation to make some profit during a time when people are ready to pay a lot of money for food supply.
  3. Family Survival Blueprints- Right now, the author is offering unrestricted access to the family survival blueprint course that he has specially prepared which he believes should be read by every American to have knowledge about how one can survive during a crisis situation by taking care of their family.

Final Advice

If you are in search of an emergency food supply for the times of crisis and you want to prepare yourself for any circumstances then we believe that this book can really be very useful for you. The author Dan Sullivan is a well-known personality and his websites have been featured on various platforms like stevequayle.com, disaster survival magazine, personal liberty, the blaze, etc. so you can trust the content that you will be getting in this book and if you will properly understand the strategies given in the book then we believe that you can successfully create a nice survival farm that can act as a lifesaver for you if any crisis situation occurs.

If you are among the people who like to keep survival guides to prepare themselves for any kind of scenario which will take away the resources on which we usually depend for our day-to-day needs, then we believe that this book will perfectly add up to your collection. Also, this program comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee under which you can put this information into use and see for yourself whether it is working for you or not, the author is so confident about this book that in case the product disappoints you, he will allow you to keep the bonuses as a give while refunding you the whole amount.

For more information, please visit the product website.

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