Donna Nicholson’s Backyard Healing Herbs Review

In this backyard healing herbs review by Donna Nicholson, we will be giving you a better idea about this program that contains information on how you can grow some very effective ancient herbs in your garden to have a supply of naturally grown plants that have medicinal values which can be used to heal many health problems and are also very good for your overall health.

This program is a guide written by Donna Nicholson who found the secrets of growing some forgotten herbal plants that she discovered with the help of the information shared by her grandmother and these remedies come from her grandmother’s notebook which was written in the 1800s by her grandfather who was a doctor on a merchant ship. The notebook that the author found in her grandmother’s place contained notes about the herbs used by the crew members of the merchant ship to grow their own herbal garden on the ship around 200-years ago to treat the patients during long journeys.

Donna made a digital copy of those notes and did intense research on those herbs and she also tested it over and over for various treatments for their family members when they had any kind of health issue which gave her astonishing results.

Once Donna realized that she can really grow some powerful healing herbs and make good use of them, she decided to write this backyard healing herbs book with the information she found in her grandmother’s notebook.

About the Program

The program is a simple guide that teaches you how you can grow 100% natural herbs in your garden and in this 260-pages long book you will find simple guidance on how you can grow these herbs in your backyard while understanding the health benefits of those plants.

In the book, you will find information about various herbs that are also backed up by many studies and research works. There are 3 herbal flowers that you can grow using this information that has been found by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine to be very significant in reducing anxiety and stress.

The Michigan University of Health has researched one of these herbs and found it to be a good option for brain relief, this herb also has anti-inflammatory properties. By growing these herbs in your garden, you will have various options to increase your fitness by using many herbs that can boost your metabolism. You will find a power-drink recipe in this book that you can use to prepare a drink that will boost your energy naturally.

The book also has various solutions to many common health problems like insomnia, with the help of one particular herb that you will find in this book, you can prepare a tea that is very good for helping you to have proper sleep. Many of these herbs are highly efficient in treating stomach-related problems like bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, etc.

This backyard healing herbs book gives you proper guidance on how to do the gardening for these herbs and it helps you to do it in the most affordable way possible. It also has detailed information about all the herbs that you will be able to grow with the help of this information, moreover, you will also get many recipes that make use of these herbs to prepare healing medicines.

Bonus Material

Bonus #1: Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans – In this book, you will find centuries-old herbs that were used by the Native Americans to treat people using ingredients that are easily available and you can also grow these herbs in your garden to have a supply of natural resources that can be used for various treatments.

Bonus#2: Wild Edibles – In this book, you will learn about the wild plants that can be used as food. This book is like a survival guide that gives you information about what plants, fruits, flowers, etc. are edible and are found in the wild. It also shows you a method using which you can determine whether any particular plant is edible or poisonous.

Bonus #3: Veggies You Can Grow in Your Backyard for Self-Sufficiency – This book is a guide that also is like a survival-based material that you can use to grow vegetables in your garden to have a supply of food during an event of a crisis. This book will teach you some great methods using which you can grow highly nutritious vegetables in your backyard.

Bonus #4: The Shoe-Box Garden – This book is for those who do not have much outdoor space available for gardening as it shows you how you can use small containers of shoe-box size to grow herbs. If you want to make use of the main material of this program and you are worried about space for gardening, then this book will teach you various ways using which you can do the plantation while saving space. You will find various gardening space-saving tips here like hanging baskets, running planters, vertical gardening, etc.

Final Advice

If you are interested in natural remedies and you like to do gardening, then this book and the bonuses can be very useful for you. With the help of this book, you can learn about various herbs and how to grow them at home with the help of these materials.

The reason why this book is based on gardening the herbs rather than the information about the plants is that herbs are most effective when you can find them in a raw and fresh state. We believe that this book is good to have for someone who wants to gain more knowledge about growing natural healing plants but the effectiveness of these medicinal plants is uncertain. So, we don’t want you to have impractical expectations with this material. The program comes with a  60-days moneyback guarantee, so you can order this material and explore it for 2-months before deciding whether something like this could be useful for you or not.

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  1. Looks like a good read.  I am all about doing anything I can that is not prescription based, and more on the natural homeopathic type ways of healing.  I looked at the list of healing and boy, some of the things listed would be great to put under control. Thanks for the great review.

    1. Thank you for the comment and we are happy that you found our review useful.

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