Igor’s Money in Your Mind Review – How Can It Change Your Life?

In this “Money in Your Mind” program review, I will be talking in detail about the product created by Igor-Alexander Ledochowski which promises to help you in creating more wealth by reprogramming your subconscious mind and teach you how to think like rich people.

This program can be finished in a minimum time period of 15 days where you will have to watch a video each day, all the 15 sessions are about 60-80 minutes long which according to the author can make a significant change in your financial situation.

Money in your mind program is based on what the author calls as “Wealth Learning Triangle” which has 3 aspects to it viz. conscious inner learning, sub-conscious inner learning, and real-world outer learning. The author says that most wealth creation programs focus on either 1 or 2 of the above-given aspects of creating wealth but this course covers all the 3 necessary factors.

All you have to do is to watch the videos one by one each day and you will naturally start to see changes in your perspective, attitude, and decisions because the author has included a combination of subconscious visualization, accelerated learning and real-world techniques for building wealth in this course.

About the Author

Igor is a British lawyer who gave up his career for doing something more meaningful when he experienced a major shift in his financial career after finding the techniques that really works.

Igor was born in a family that always struggled with the finances but his grandfather used to be a fairly rich person. All his life the author wanted to be successful like his grandfather but he kept failing until he discovered the truth behind creating wealth. As a lawyer, Igor had the privilege to meet many of the world’s wealthiest people and this helped him to learn various things about rich people.

He read more than 30 books extensively and applied what he learned in real-world scenarios. With the help of the methods that he received from these resources, he created a working formula that he has presented in his multiple best selling books and 70 different seminars and training products.

Igor is now a certified life coach and trainer who has coached more than 1000s of people which includes some high powered executives in the Fortune 500 companies.

The author conducted a very popular 2-day seminar in the Bahamas based on his working principles and this program consists of what was taught to people in that particular seminar.

Inside the Package

The main material of this whole program is 15 video sessions that talks about everything that was included in the 2-day seminar that was conducted by Igor in the Bahamas. In these sessions, you will learn various things about your subconscious mind and conscious decisions which decides your current financial situations. The author teaches about what he calls “The Poverty Virus” and how it affects people, he also tells you about the methods that will help you to get rid of this particular way of thinking.

In these 15 sessions, the author also debunks some of the most widespread myths about wealth that has been circulated among the world population in various ways.

You will get to learn Igor’s master wealth formula that will help you to do things differently and take actions that will lead to wealth creation. He also puts an emphasis on the “wealth traps” which stops you from getting rich, according to him even some of the best-known wealth gurus miss to point out these traps.

Bonus Materials

The bonus material consists of 8 MEME audio sessions, MEME stands for “Money Expanding Mind Exercise” which is an important part of the wealth learning triangle. These are audio sessions that you have to listen along with the main modules in order to get the best results. These bonus sessions consist of some very powerful exercises like “Relax into Riches”, “Your Vision of Success”, “Your Wealth Blueprint”, “Getting Richer Everyday”, etc.

Apart from this, you will also get to download the full indexed transcripts of all the 15 videos.

The bonus material may vary with time, so kindly visit the product website to know if they are still available.

Final Advice

What you will be getting in this program is about 25 hours of life-changing material which contains more than 60 hours of video and 8 mindset strengthening audios along with a one-hour quick-start session. With proper dedication, you can complete exploring the whole program in about 2 weeks and this alone will help you to decide whether to continue or not.

When the author delivered this training in the Bahamas, it was valued for around 10,000$ and you are getting the same material for such a less price. Considering that Igor is a very successful life coach who has changed so many lives, I believe that this can prove out to be a very good investment for you.

The product comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee so you will get plenty of time to decide whether you should keep it or ask for a refund.

Since the author is a certified master hypnosis trainer and he has written the book named “The Deep  Trance Training manual” I was aware of his works before this product was launched and I believe that this is a very powerful life-changing material for anyone who is willing to dedicate his time sincerely in learning how to create more wealth.

Thank you for reading this post. Kindly visit the product website here for more information.

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Money in Your Mind
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A great product for anyone looking for improving their financial situation by changing their inner beliefs about wealth. The product is costly but comes with a money-back guarantee which allows you to try it and see for yourself if it works for you or not.

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  1. Thanks for giving this interesting review about Igor’s money in your mind. Though I’m yet to buy it but then, I’m getting excited already that it would be a worthy value for my money. I need something to Peel off my thick skin which is preventing from breaking through and taking up the rich’s mentality. This product would definitely be a good purchase for me if it lives up to what I read through this review. Thanks

    1. Hello Mattis,

      yes this program will help you to discard your old beliefs about finances and Igor will show you to build a new mindset that will attract you more wealth. He focuses on various inner and outdoor aspects that helps one to break their old financial barriers.

      We hope that this program will be helpful for you.

      Thank you

  2. This is not bad at all this programming that Igor is placing out. It’ll be really good to watch a couple of videos and apply what is learnt in real life to become a new person with a better mindset. Igor has a very awesome story himself and I believe he understands what is going on with the ordinary man. This is a good post here and seeing that the money in your mind programme is cheap, I should grab it myself.

    1. Hello John,

      Yes, this program is very effective as well as affordable. Once you start viewing the videos and start applying them you will see the change yourself.

      We hope this program will be very beneficial for you and you will get what you are expecting from this product.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. I also believe that a lot of our desires and aspirations start in the mind. We might desire to be wealthy but without having the right mindset, it is all in vain. On the other hand, having all the motivation and listening/watching to mind programming videos and audios without actually doing the work will produce zero results.

    I know some people might purchase the Money in your mind program, watch for all those hours and then go back to bed. Total wastage of money and time. But I believe when you listen and work, nothing is impossible.And I like that successful people like Igor have taken  their time and effort to help us unlock some hidden potential and see life for what it really is.

    Thank you for this great review.

    1. Hello Carol,

      Yes, you are absolutely right. Nothing will change if someone just views the videos and goes back to their day to day routine, they must apply it and work for it in their lives. Nothing can be accomplished just by listening or viewing, you must take actions to achieve it and this is the reason why Igor talked about the wealth learning triangle and how one should work in all its aspects to truely achieve their final goal.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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