James Reynolds’ Beginners Guide to Model Trains Review

In this beginners guide to model trains, we will be giving you complete information on this product by James Reynolds where he offers you an e-book that contains a step-by-step guide that will teach you how you can create a budget-friendly and very realistic model train layout with the space you have at home for this purpose.

With the help of this program, you will be able to choose the layout that is more suitable for you based on the space available and this will help you to avoid the mistakes that can otherwise cause you a lot of money and time.

Creating a model train layout is a very difficult task that requires years of experience to perfect and beginners end up spending too much money on just correction of the mistakes in their systems due to lack of proper experience, hence in this program, James has provided you with the material using which you can strategically plan your layout without having to go through costly trial and error approach while facing derailments or untimely stopping and starting of the engine whereas it covers a plethora of aspects of the model train layout which will enable you to build your own realistic-looking structure that will work efficiently.

James Reynolds has been working to help the beginners with model railroading for about 27 years and with his experience over those years, he has perfected his training module, and now he is presenting his teachings in the form of an easy to read e-book as-well-as online membership system where he shares his process of creating layouts using which anybody can perfect model railroading.

About the Product

In the product, you will be getting the beginners guide to model trains e-book which contains the information about building layouts in a way so that you can save hundreds of dollars and be able to build the model train layout of your dreams while saving your precious time. In the book, you will be introduced to the initial stages of planning which are essential to have your priorities set so that once you have started your project, you will not deviate from your plan. With the help of this guide, you will be prepared with the essential tools that are required for beginners rather than spending too much on full-size job tools which also ends up ruining the layout whereas you will be guided with a foolproof track plan by also avoiding the building bench work from being too small or not sturdy.

The author has specifically mentioned 3 beginner mistakes that cause derailments and erratic start or stop which you can avoid right away with this information and the book has covered all the electrical wiring by providing a step-by-step training for that also which can teach a newbie to be easily able to get their DC and DCC power running. In the book, James will coach you on picking up the best locomotives and choosing the right structure along with various suggestions for creating a perfect scenery for the layout. You will also find various weathering techniques using which you will be able to give a picture-perfect look to your layout like a professional by implementing dry-brushing, oil paints, and chalks.

Bonus Material

With the beginner’s guide to model train book you will also receive 7 additional bonuses that are as follows:-

Bonus #1: Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Model Railroaders Make – In this e-book, you will learn about the common mistakes that cause a lot of hindrances in the process of railroading. In this book, you will learn about these 5 mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Bonus #2: Essential Tools for Model Railroads – Here you will learn which tools are the most essential for railroading and the author guides you with the breakdown of every single tool and how they are essential for the purpose of creating layouts. This book will help you to collect the right tools and avoid losing money on the unrequired ones.

Bonus #3: Step-by-Step Foolproof Method for Track Work – This guide helps you to ensure that your train runs smoothly on the tracks without experiencing derailment or erratic stops. It contains specific guidance on the building of the tracks so that the track layout of your system would be perfect.

Bonus #4: DCC Model Train Guide – This is a simple guide that contains information on direct current and digital command centers, with the help of this book you can understand what kind of layouts require DC and which one should be working on DCC.

Bonus #5: A Model Railroading Glossary and Resources – This is a simple report on the glossary and resources using which you can understand the language of railroading better and the resource section of this book will provide you with the sources from which you can buy various material for the purpose of creating model train layouts.

Bonus #6: Track and Layout Plans for Model Train Beginners – In this guide, the author has provided numerous track plans that any beginner can use without any previous experience in model railroading. The book contains photos of the track plans and various tips using which you can build your favorite track plan without any hassle.

Bonus #7: 30-Days Free membership to James Model Trains Membership Club – For a complete 30-days you will receive access to their exclusive membership club of James where he shares various tips and tricks that he has learned in his 30-years of model railroading experience. In this membership, you will receive various tutorial videos, classic layout plans, and many other materials that are updated regularly.

Final Advice

The main book of this program is a well-written material on model railroading that can really be very useful for a person who is just beginning to learn about this subject and want to create their own model train layout at home whereas we also think that the bonus material offered in this package is also worth to have material at your disposal if you want to be good at creating your own layouts as a beginner.

The membership to the club however is only available for 30-days, so we strongly suggest you make the most use of those 30-days to explore the online club well so that you can further decide if you want to continue with the membership or not.

The program comes with a 60-days moneyback guarantee, so you can use this material for about 2-months and work on your project in that refund period to understand how effective this book is to help you as a beginner and if you find that the material is not helpful then you can ask for a refund.

For more information, kindly visit the product website.

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