Magnetic Laundry System Review – Can Magnets Really Clean Your Clothes?

In this review, we will be talking in detail about the magnetic laundry system which is a new and unique way to wash your clothes without using any kind of toxic chemical detergents.

This product is based on a double patented technology which is even backed by an independent lab testing report that was provided by one of the largest testing companies in the world named Shuster Laboratories. According to the report the magnetic laundry system has been proven to be able to wash clothes without damaging the color or the tensile strength of the fabric.

Use of harmful chemical detergents not only damages your clothes but it is also not good for your health. The University of Washington has claimed that 99% of the laundry detergents releases cancer-causing chemicals which are termed to be hazardous and toxic by environmental protection agency. The chemicals contained in the detergents include pesticides and toxic ingredients that are harmful to your skin, heart and muscle function.

The scents used in the detergents are carcinogenic in nature and it is often used to minimize the smell of petrochemicals in the detergent.

With the help of this product, you will be able to completely avoid the usage of detergent which will not only save you a lot of money but it will also be very helpful for improving your family’s health.

About the Product

In this product, you will get 2 very powerful magnets that you will have to stick to both ends of your washing machine and it will clean your clothes without the requirement of detergent because these magnets do the same exact things like detergent i.e it changes the surface tension of the water by magnetizing the water molecules.

When the water rotates in the washing machine in the presence of these specially designed magnets, it changes the water surface tension and makes the water-efficient to clean the clothes in a very natural way. But this whole system requires you to use warm water and it does not work when you use cold water for washing your clothes.

The magnetic laundry system does not kill bacteria but it makes the water to clean the clothes in a way that all the bacterias will be removed just like it happens with the use of detergents but the hot water will kill most of the micro-organisms.

Since you will not be using any kind of chemicals here so you will not be requiring a lot of water to wash your clothes like it is usually required. With the use of magnetic laundry system all the water and power used for the rinse cycle can be avoided. So with the use of this product, you will not only save money on detergent but it will also reduce your water and electricity bills.

This product is available under 3 options for you to buy which are as follows:-

Single Kit – In this kit, you will receive only one magnetic system, you can use it if you are buying this system for the very first time in order to test and see the results.

Double Kit Special – In this package, you will get 2 magnetic laundry system at a discounted price.

Full Package Special – This is a comprehensive package in which you will receive 2 magnetic laundry system and 1 bottle of concrete enzymes which will ensure better cleaning of your clothes.

Final Advice

The magnetic laundry system comes with a 50 years manufacturer’s warranty so once you have bought this product you can stay assured for the rest of your life that it will work properly forever.

The working of the magnetic laundry system is very much debatable because people are very much used to buying detergents in today’s world but a lot of people have successfully replaced this product with the detergent and claimed that magnetic laundry system really works.

The use of warm water is essential while using magnetic laundry system and some people have also found that using a little vinegar can make this whole system even more efficient.

Magnetic laundry system will not add any kind of scent to your clothes so if your clothes are smelly then you may have to use detergents. Also if you are not able to use warm water to wash your clothes then also this system will work for you.

It is very obvious that you cannot completely eliminate the use of detergents in your laundry because for various purposes they are very much required but by using the magnetic laundry system you can minimize the use of chemicals to wash your clothes to a great extent.

For more information kindly visit the product website.

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Magnetic Laundry System

This whole system is based on the concept that the surface tension of the water can be changed with the use of magnets and by doing so the water naturally becomes capable of cleaning the clothes without the requirement of any detergent.

With the use of this system, you can minimize the use of detergents which will allow you to protect yourself and your family from the chemicals that are very harmful to your body.

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