Piano by Chords Review – The Yearly Membership

In this piano by chords review, we will be examining the yearly membership of this course that teaches you how to easily be able to play piano with the number one Youtube piano tutor David Yzhaki who has more than 79,000 subscribers on his channel.

With the help of this program, you will be able to quickly learn the basics and gradually progress to an advanced level with David’s guidance as he has designed this course in various phases that will take you from the beginner level to a place where you will become a pro in playing the piano.

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In this program, you will understand various techniques to master all kinds of genres like blues, jazz, rock, pop, bossa nova, etc. Here you will master the skill of playing and combining different chords using which you will be able to play your favorite music while solving the coordination difficulties.

About the Program

This program is a combination of 7 courses and 4 e-books that gives you live tutorials and various written materials that you can use to master the skill and become fluent in playing the instrument.

The courses are as follows:

Piano Chords for Beginners – Playing chords is one of the most difficult tasks for a beginner, so in this 4-hour tutorial, you will be introduced to the most important chords on the piano. Here you will learn to combine all the chords to play some popular songs of various genres.

Accompaniment for Intermediate Players – Here you will get a 3-hour course that is all about taking your basic knowledge about chords to the next level. With the help of this course, you will be able to play songs that require deeper knowledge about chords.

The Solo Piano Chords – This is about 6-hours of guidance on playing solo piano where you will learn the techniques to master playing the keys with both hands. Here you will learn to read the piano sheet and the technique to play songs by listening.

Blues and Improvisation – Once you have mastered the skills of playing by both hands and you are skilled in playing chords, this course will assist you to improvise using various techniques. David will teach you the 12 bar blues and blues chords, scales, licks, accompaniment, major and minor blues, shell voicing, etc. that will make you perfect in playing blues. In this 8.5-hour-long course, you will be taught to play some very famous songs like a pro.

Piano by Numbers – This course is very perfect for beginners and anyone who does not know how to read notes can play some popular music using this method right from the beginning. This course contains 3 e-books and exercise sheets that will help you to gain more confidence by teaching you to play more than 80 tunes right from the starting point.

Piano Theory – This is a completely informative 4-hour tutorial where you will understand various things about piano like scales, chord progressions, harmony, tensions, etc.

Piano by Ear – Playing the piano by listening to songs is a skill that will establish you as a pro piano player, so this 4.5-hour tutorial will help you to find the right chords, rhythm, and groove to play any music by just listening to it.

Apart from these 7 courses, there is a bonus Christmas songs solo course included in this package which teaches you to play some very popular Christmas songs in a solo version. Each song comes with a video tutorial and music sheet.

The 4 e-books that you will receive in this package are as follows:

Blues Licks – In this e-book, you will receive various sheet music and information about how you can implement them in blues. You will be getting licks from the major and minor blues scale here along with some audio samples of improvisations.

Christmas for Beginners – This e-book shows you how you can play some basic Christmas songs even if you have just begun and have no idea how to read piano notes. In this book, you will be guided step-by-step on how to play more than 20 Christmas songs.

Christmas for Beginners – Intermediate – In this book, you will learn the secret of playing Christmas songs by using both of your hands. With the help of about 20 Christmas songs, you will be able to practice the coordination of playing melodies with your right hand while you will be guided to accompany with your left hand.

Christmas for Intermediate – In this e-book, you will learn to play the advanced challenging arrangements of Christmas songs. Here you will get some Christmas songs that you can play like a pro with practice and information you will be getting in this material.

Final Advice

We believe that this course is perfect for a beginner who is looking to master playing the piano if they are willing to invest their time to utilize this material properly and practice regularly.

From the basics of playing a few songs to learning advanced skills, this course material has covered it all and if you are serious about playing piano then according to us this yearly membership will definitely be beneficial for you. The 7 courses that you will be receiving in this product are a gem of a material but we are not much impressed with the e-books that they are offering, so we want you to keep most of your expectations with the course materials only.

The program comes with a 60-days moneyback guarantee but we don’t think that you can judge a program like this in 2-months, so all you can do is to evaluate and check the package materials under the refund period because being able to make even half of the material useful you will require months of practice.

For more information, kindly visit the product website.

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4 thoughts on “Piano by Chords Review – The Yearly Membership”

  1. Wow, what a great way to learn piano lessons.  I’d love to quickly learn the basics of piano playing without spending an obscene amount of money on piano teachers.  Your review and this program promises to take me from beginner to pro. I got excited, so I started looking for the price. But first, I saw the free piano lessons in PDF which I’m impressed with. I checked all the level of courses and they are under $40. I can definitely do this. Thanks for your review. 

    1. Hi Shalisha,

      We are very happy to hear that you found our review useful. Yes, the price of the program is very affordable and it is reasonable according to the material that they are offering. We really hope that this product will help you to reach advanced levels as a piano artist.

      Thank you very much for your comment.

  2. Hi, will your site offer similar reviews on products for learning how to play the guitar?  Looking for something for my son who wants to learn how to play guitar.  I liked how you broke down the various components and styles and I think this would be helpful for him.  Thanks for the insight.  

    1. Hi Dave,

      We are very happy to know that you have liked the way we have reviewed this product. We will surely try to find some top-notch guitar courses for your son and review them as soon as possible.

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