Robert Kiyosaki’s Richdad Summit Review – What Can You Get for $1?

In this Richdad Summit Review, we will be giving you a detailed report on this particular product that is a 2-day virtual summit which is being offered for just $1.

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Robert Kiyosaki has been one of the biggest names in the self-help industry because of his bestselling book named “Rich Dad and Poor Dad”(amazon affiliate link), every entrepreneur must read this book because it has changed the financial situation of millions of people.

I enrolled in this program because whenever I read the name Robert Kiyosaki, I know there will definitely be a lot of useful information for me in that particular material.

Most of the people in the world follow the same beaten path and move through life by listening to other people and they live by the expectations of the society. Robert is someone who gives you a different type of perspective that can help you to earn money by using the techniques that most wealthy people put to use and this Richdad Summit also does the same work.

About the Summit

The Rich Dad Summit is an online event which was presented by some very popular names like Anik Singal, Andy Tanner, Tom Wheelwright, Garret Sutton, Fred Lam, etc. All these 9 people have shared their views and secrets in this online event in order to show you the right methods that will give you the desired results if you follow it properly.

All these people are those who have found the secret of making money in various fields. A lot of them were not financially stable earlier but then they worked towards doing things differently which made them billionaires.

Robert himself made a lot of mistakes in his life but his rich dad and other mentors taught him how to make the right decisions. He not only cleared all his debts but also went on to make some great investments, started more than 7 big companies and sold over 30 books.

All he did was he changed the way he looked at “money” and this happened because he changed his perspective with the help of his powerful mentors.

This summit will help you to do the same because here Robert Kiyosaki and other speakers will be sharing with you all their experiences and will give you the opportunity to learn from them about how to think like a rich person.

The 2-day virtual summit will show you how to work smartly rather than working hard towards something that is not yielding any result. It will teach you the tactic strategies, tips, blueprints and secrets on how to make more money and also how to set systems that will make money for you.


The day-1 focuses on how you can make more money than what you are earning right now. Here you will get the secrets to change your mindsets by getting rid of your old way of thinking which has not worked well for you. It also talks about becoming a business owner by overcoming the challenges that society puts on you which tells you that “You should have a job!!”.

Here Jeremy Bellotti gives you a clear idea about the difference between creating jobs and being an entrepreneur. You will also get to see an amazing presentation by Andrew Lantz which will give you a proper idea about various online and offline business, he explains to you how you can start your own business by showing you some very relevant and proven examples. He also uses his presentation to describe how you can easily create more wealth by investing in assets rather than putting a lot more money in liabilities.

In this day-1 summit, you will also get to see a very informative talk by Anik Singal who is a great name in the field of online business, he shares his secret of making money in the online world with you.

Apart from this, you will also get expert advice on how to hire the right people and invest in your network by Jeremy Bellotti.

Day – 2

Day-2 summit focuses on how you can use your money to create systems that will help you to make more money. Roberts’s real estate investing coaches will give you direct advice here on how you can invest wisely in real estate or any other market. Max Wright will show you how crypto-currencies work and how you can make use of it to get high returns.

Fred Lam will teach you here how you can use the global economy as an opportunity and make great use of the loopholes that have been generated after the wide spreading of the internet. You will also get to kill your fear about taxes because Tom Wheelwright will show you how you can save maximum of your tax by leveraging the legal loopholes. Apart from this, you will also learn how you can protect your assets and secure your future, they also tell you how you can use your wealth for the betterment of your society so that everyone benefits from your success.

Final Advice

This is not a course or a program that will give you a lot of materials neither it is something that will make you worry about money so this really is not something about which you should give a lot of thought.

For seminars and summits like this, people travel to different places and spend a lot of money to learn various important strategies on how to create more wealth. So if you are an entrepreneur like me then this virtual summit is a must for you and you will not get stuff like this for just 1$ anywhere else in the world.

One may wonder how this event is so cheap but according to the makers they want this information to reach as many people as possible. Is there any catch to it? Yes, you will be getting 14 days free access to their premium membership after which you will have to pay in order to continue any further, so expect a plenty of upsells while enrolling to the event but it is entirely up to you whether you want to go deeper into learning some more effective teachings from these very powerful mentors or not.

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RichDad Summit
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Overall Richdad summit is a very good virtual summit that offers some great lessons from some very big names like Robert Kiyosaki, Anik Singal, Andy Tanner, Tom Wheelwright, Garret Sutton, Fred Lam, etc. For just $1 it offers a lot of useful information for anyone who is looking to make more money especially those who are willing to start a business. This 2-day seminar is a must watch thing for the entrepreneurs, this, however, does contain a lot of upsells and you should be careful while buying any further products.

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