The Lost Super Foods Review – 126 Survival Foods Guide

In this post, we will be reviewing the book named “The Lost Super Foods” that contains information about the preparation of about 126 forgotten survival foods that are perfect for preparing for the times when survival will get difficult and the world will be highly short on a ration that is why it is also called as the doomsday ration.

According to the authors of this book, the information you will get in this book contains the secret to the military super food that was developed during the cold war days and it was planned to feed the entire US population during the most difficult times.

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This book will help you to prepare food that does not require refrigeration for storage and it also contains various storage hacks.

The goal of the author with this book is to help you to prepare a strategy to survive during any kind of emergency by giving you the ideas to make your long lasting super foods stock for months.

In this book, you will learn to make food that stays in your storage without getting spoiled, these foods can be prepared in low budget and they are light weight.

About the Program

The author has provided the complete list and recipes of various food items in this book that are perfect for any kind of crisis. Here you will get to learn how you can make the super food at home that saved Leningrad during the world war 2 siege. This European dish was prepared using cow feet during the Leningrad siege. The author will show you how you can use any type of fresh meat to prepare this food and store it without refrigeration for months.

In the lost super foods book, you will get to learn about the forgotten shelf stable food that provides the healthy and vital fats to your body during crisis. These are rich in butyric acid that protects your gut lining. You will be able to know the secret of Swedish farmers that saved an entire village during the times when heavy avalanches blocked the roads from the mountains for months.

They have also included the great depression food that was used by people during the times of great depression. This is a very tasty survival food that can last for 2-years without any requirement for refrigeration. What makes this a perfect survival food is that it can also be used for cooking, making soap, treating burns, and as a fat source. It also contains the secret to make long lasting bread of the 19th century that was developed by the Cree tribe of Canada, this can be easily prepared at home using common ingredients.

Apart from these, the book is filled with various recipes of super foods that were used by people during civil war and the secret to preserve cheese at room temperature. The book also covers various historical food recipes that were used by the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan, the Ottoman empire, Ninjas, Vikings, Brits during the war, Amish people, etc.

In this book, there is a lot of information about how you can preserve meat, eggs, vegetables, and other eatables for long duration. These secrets will fill your mind with ideas that can help you to survive during any kind of conditions and all these foods come from various historic events and traditions that were tested during all kinds of conditions by our ancestors.

Bonus Material

Apart from the lost super foods book, you will get 2 additional digital bonuses in this program that are as follows:

In the first bonus you will be getting a book that contains information to create hidden underground greenhouse. This book is called “The Year-Round Greenhouse” because using this information you will be able to create a food garden that will yield 2 harvests every year. You can build this at affordable rates in your backyard.

The next bonus is “The Projects From 1900” book that contains secrets to create medicine gardens, smoke houses, root cellars, wells, charcoal to purify water, etc. These are the methods that were used by people 100-years ago that you can rediscover and implement using this step-by-step instruction guide to prepare your house for all kinds of conditions.

Final Advice

This book is not something that will be of immediate use to anybody but if you are someone who likes to plan for the worst case scenarios then this is something that you must have in your shelf because it is loaded with some very crucial information that can help anybody during the time of a major crisis.

This can also be useful for people who are living or planning a journey to places that does not have much options of easily available foods. But mostly this information is all about surviving during the times when there can occur a shortage of food like what many countries have faced during the recent pandemic.

The book comes with a 60-days moneyback guarantee and it is available for a very low price, so we believe that you can definitely try it out and decide whether you want to keep it or not.

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