The Lost Ways 2 Review – Survival Guide Sequel by Claude Davis

In this lost ways 2 review, we will give you a complete idea about this survival-based book that is a continuation of the previous book by Claude Davis named “The Lost Ways” which became a mega-seller and very popular because of the important information that was provided in that book.

Although the first book was one of the best material written on survival secrets, the author was not able to incorporate all of his knowledge in it so he had to write “The Lost Ways 2” which turned out to be longer than the first book.

The author prepares you in both of these books for any kind of crisis or disaster that can take away all the basic necessities that are required for our survival. The knowledge in this books is something that every person must have because we never know what lies in the future, this information is not only essential for a time of catastrophe but it can also help you in various other situations when you don’t have easy access to food, shelter, medicines or any other things upon which we greatly depend in our day to day life. So with the help of what you will gain from these books, you can be well prepared if tomorrow you get stuck in a no-man’s land due to vehicle breakdown, bad weather or any other such situations.

If you have not read “The Lost Ways” then this squeal will not be as useful for you as it will be to read both the books in proper sequence and if you have already read the previous book and found it to be useful then you will definitely find this one even more informative. The content in both of these books contains some very essential and long-forgotten skills that can help you to survive during any kind of crisis by preserving food, growing herbs, knowing about natural eatables available in our environment, building shelters, etc.

About the Author

The author Claude Davis is a very popular name due to his extensive work on survival methods. The author was well taught about survival methods by his grandfather who survived a horrific famine when he was in Ukraine during his childhood. According to the author, his grandfather was one of the 20 people who survived that crisis out of a hundred families that lost their homes and lived in streets.

After reading the journal of his grandfather and because of the lesson taught by him that you should never take anything for granted, Claude decided to know more about the secrets of surviving during any calamity. So he went on to do a meticulous study and research about the skills used by our ancestors that helped them to stay alive during the most horrific conditions anybody can ever imagine.

Using the methods learned from various resources the author started to do simple things around his house on a daily basis that were tested and proven by our ancestors for hundreds of years.

The author first went to his grandfather who is 90 years old now and learned every possible thing about crisis and how to survive it. He also went to a lot of survival experts who are not easily accessible. Once he gathered all the knowledge about lost survival skills he decided to make this information available for all by writing these two books.

About the Program

This book is a 300 pages long squeal to the lost ways which contains some crucial survival-related secrets that are known to only a few people who have spent their life studying about the various major crisis that happened in our history.

The author has written about a super-food that was recently rediscovered by NASA which was used in their various long space missions. This was the same food that helped the Incas to survive for more than 10 years which included the 4-year long super drought that wiped out their southern neighbors. Anybody can prepare this food because all the ingredients needed to prepare this is already easily available to us.

The next important information you will get in this book comes from a staple meal that was used during the great depression. The author shows you how you can preserve meat without refrigeration for over 2 years.

The book also talks about the lost samurai super-food and how you can make it. This is the food that the samurai used to take with them when they went for long wars. The author also shows you how to build log houses in which you can take shelter during a crisis or simply use it for spending holidays, it can be built in less than $500. This book also consists of some very vital knowledge of various wild plants. The author has made this chapter to be the longest in this book because it contains data about over a 1000 plants that Native Americans used to eat, you will learn the methods that they used to test any plant in order to know if it was edible or not.

You will also get prepared for hunting and learn how to butcher a deer like our ancestors used to do. Here you will gain information about what parts can be preserved, these methods can also be used for casual hunting.

The book also contains a lot of pages that will enlighten you about how you can make activated charcoal and use it to filter water and make contaminated water adequate for drinking. The author also teaches how you can make your own charcoal pills that can be used for indigestion, lowering of bad cholesterol levels and to prevent gas. These activated charcoal pills can also treat chemical poisoning.

You will also uncover the secrets of the ingenious methods to dig wells in a short time without much work or spending any money. Using these instructions you will be able to build your own freshwater well in your backyard.

Inside the Package

The package consists of the main book which is a limited edition that is not available in any other stores right now. The book is available in both digital as well as physical formats, if you prefer the hardcover physical book then they will ship it to you by charging the amount spent in shipping and handling.

Apart from the main book, you will also receive the following two bonus materials:-

1. How to become Self-Efficient on 4 Acres of Land

This is a report prepared by Aaron Michaelson which shows you how you can divide the land into small sections and make the most use of it by creating various spaces for survival during a crisis. This includes rooms for storing food, rainwater harvesting, and filtering, creation of a garden that contains plants that have medicinal use, a system to live without electricity, etc.

2. What Do You Need to Have Ready before an EMP

You might have seen in the movies what an EMP can do to a city but we can never rule out the possibility of such a crisis in the real world. So in this book Claude Davis teaches you how you can do 43 things right now that will prepare you for the condition if your city gets hit by an EMP. The book contains some practical methods that will prepare you for one of the most feared calamities that can happen in today’s world.

The bonus material can change with time, kindly visit the product website to know if it is still available.

Final Advice

I have no need to tell you that the information you will find in this book is invaluable. Although the author has prepared this book especially by keeping the public of America in mind I find that this information is useful for a person belonging from any region of the world.

In my opinion, both of these books are a must to have materials for every person in the world. If you are an adventure-loving person then you will absolutely enjoy the content provided by the author in these two books.

The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try out this material for 2 months and return it if you don’t find it helpful, the makers will not ask any questions.

For more information kindly visit the product website.

If you have not read the lost ways then we highly recommend you to read that one first, you can find that product here.

If you found this review useful then please do share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear your thoughts about this program and we will be more than happy to help you with any query.

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The Lost Ways 2

This book is a very important material on how you can survive through the hardest to live conditions by preparing for such situations beforehand. With the help of this information, you can be ready for any kind of crisis that can take away all the basic necessities that are needed for survival. You will also find these materials very useful if you go on a lot of adventurous trips frequently.

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  1. Survival in our modern day world is one very crucial aspect of our life’s we have to focus on. From our day to bray activity the zeal to survive is one that keeps us going. Although this is my first time coming across this book, it feel already attached to it. I would see that I get a copy if this books and would suggest this post to those around me so they can learn  thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hello Chloe,

      We are very happy that you found this book interesting. Please share this book with your friends and loved ones as we think that this kind of information is a must to have for at least one member in each family.

      We hope that you will find this e-book useful.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  2. This looks like an interesting read. Being an outdoor person who goes for camping and jungle trekking a lot, I think this would definitely be useful for me. I haven’t read the first book so I’ll definitely be getting that one first. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I also like how this has a 60-day money back guarantee, so there’s really nothing to lose!

    1. Hello Joe,

      If you are a person who loves to go camping and jungle trekking then this book will prove to be a gem for you. You will learn a lot of survival techniques which will help you a lot. Yes, you should take the first book first as this one is a continuation of the first one and if you don’t find it worth it then you can always claim your money back.

      Hope you will find this book interesting and useful.

      Thank you for your time.

  3. I really do love reading books and watching films etc on survival, and survival techniques, unfortunately I haven’t been finding much time to read books lately, however I would genuinely love to read this survival guide, the lost ways, it has always fascinated me about how our ancestors survived especially during the bitter cold winters when food and fire wood were in such short supply, every day even in the summer time must have been a battle for survival for our ancestors, I would love to try a survival course just to see if I could cope, though I doubt I could, thank you for sharing, I look forward to reading this book.      

    1. Hello Russ,

      If you like reading books and watch films in survival and if you are interested in knowing how our ancestors used to live their life then you would definitely love this book. We really like your approach of seeing whether you are coping up with your ancestors or not as we all know that due to many of the facilities available to us right now we are becoming weaker and weaker day by day and it is always good to explore the practices used by our ancestors and use them whenever needed.

      Thank you for your comment.

  4. lovely review! As you said, no one knows what the future holds, so we better be prepared! Personally I have not read books like these before but sounds like a lot of fun and still very useful and educational. I am probably not gonna be the one building a shelter but the idea of knowing about the eatable herbs in wild sounds interesting! might give these two a go. 

    thanks for the review!


    1. Hello Richard,

      Yes, the content in this book is both fun and informative. The information provided in these books is not only for the time of crisis but this information can be very useful in your day-to-day life also like the herbs you said, you can learn how to grow them in your own backyard and use them accordingly.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  5. Wow this is a must get book for me and my family. I have always thought in solitude and imagine situations that are awkward with a disturbed feeling of how one can survive in a place where is no food ,help technology and basic amenities and this led me to the point of Reading this article. I never knew that there was such a well packaged book known as The lost ways and I would have to get it before bouncing on this second part been reviewed here… Thanks for this helpful Post.

    1. Hello Willy,

      Yes, it is true that the content in this book will prepare you for any situation in which you are trapped in a place where there is no food, electricity or any basic amenity available. The two books will prepare you to survive in the worst-case scenario. According to us this kind of information is a must to have because this kind of situation can occur in anybody’s life anytime.

      Thank you for your comment.

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