What Lies In Your Debt Review – A Complete Analysis

In this review, we will be analyzing the membership of the “What Lies In Your Debt?” blog and resources that are aimed to help the citizens of the United States in dealing with their debt crisis and legal problems associated with it.

When you are in debt and the debt collectors are troubling you with various kinds of threats, this membership can save you a lot of trouble and it can also help you to waive off your debts or reduce them to the minimum amount that you can manage. Most people are unaware of various laws and the debt collectors are taking advantage of this particular fact to intimidate people, with the help and resources you will get in this portal you will be able to turn the tables.

The expert team and a huge reservoir of legal financial information will help you to understand the laws and rights that you have when you are under huge debts, it will make you aware of your legal rights that gives you the power to negotiate with the banks and other debt collectors so that you can live peacefully.

Even if you are just looking for dealing with your credit card company or you are facing any financial related fraud, they will help you to resolve your issues. Having a membership like this with you can also be useful to avoid the hidden charges and unreasonable interest amounts that people are usually unaware of.

The membership will also help you to find if your debt collectors or the bank is breaking the law and this will make them pay you instead of you paying the debt.

About the Makers

The makers of this system are a team of professional financial and legal advisors who have been working for more than 40-years in helping people with foreclosure, credit card debt, fair debt collection practices act violations (FDCPA), fair credit reporting act violations(FCRA), telephone consumer practice act violations(TCPA), truth in lending act violations(TILA), and real estate settlement procedures act violations(RESPA).

Liberty Marketing LLC has been helping the citizens of the USA during the financial crisis and they have been empowering people to stand up against debt collectors for more than 4 decades. Their mission is to provide support to people by making them aware of their rights and enlightening them with the financial laws so that they can successfully deal with the banks and debt collectors.

About the Program

When you opt for this membership you will get a unique id and password to access the resources offered by them. They provide live training and webinars to help you deal with creditors. There is also a weakly held free teleconference call where you can share your problems and get quick solutions from them.

The “What Lies In Your Debt” site contains various information and support that you can access once you have the membership that are as follows:

Credit Reports – Here you will get various solutions related to your credit report. They will help you to check your credit reports and find the areas where you are been falsely being reported regarding your credit scores by your debt collectors or bank, using this you can make them pay you if they are violating the law by making any mistake in calculating your credit score. Having this information can many a time prove out to be a game-changer for you because credit card companies often fail to report your credit limit correctly or they report it falsely.

Unwanted Calls – If you have been troubled by the debt collectors and they are nagging you with their calls frequently then this program membership will show you how you can convert those troublesome calls to your advantage.

They will make you aware of the fair debt collection practices act and the telephone consumer protection act which will show you how you can make the debt collectors pay you for calling you at the wrong hours or frequently disturbing you on phone.

Foreclosure Issues – If your home is in foreclosure, this membership will help you to stop the banks from proceeding with the foreclosure without settling the matter with you.

Once you have the proper knowledge about the law and you know how to defend against the lenders it becomes very difficult for them to deal with you and proceed with the foreclosure. If you understand the system and have knowledge about the state and federal laws you will easily be able to make the banks come under a favorable agreement with you.

Dealing with Debt Collectors – Debt collectors use a lot of tactics to collect money and they are well trained in victimizing the people. But if you have proper knowledge and guidance about the law no one can intimidate you and if they do then you can use it to your advantage by making them pay every time they break the law.

Credit Card Debts – Credit card companies have been taking advantage of people since a long time and they scam them by offering settlements that is another way to loot money from their clients.

Here you will learn the truth about debt settlements and you will be shown the how you can get back at these companies that are harassing you. One of the biggest advantages of having a program like this at your disposal is saving a lot of money by understanding the ways you can get back at these bullies.

They will teach you various methods using which you can make your credit card debt go away if the companies are breaking the law which they usually do in most of the cases.

The various membership areas that you can access after opting for this program are the members form, legal lounge, video tutorials, downloads, and webinars.

Final Advice

There is no doubt that this product is a genuine one and they are really a dedicated team of people who will help you to understand the law better and stop you from getting harassed by the debt collectors and banks.

Having a membership to this system and making proper use of this can open new doors for you if you are tired of paying a lot of money on interest charged by the money lenders. Here you will get the most essential financial law and other information about your rights that can really save you from paying a lot of money to the banks. You can share your problems with them and you will be personally guided by them on how you can find solutions to any particular credit-related issues that you might be facing.

They have highly active customer support that is always available to help you and you will get quick responses from them for any of your inquiries.

The membership of this program is costly but we believe that it is worth every penny because the potential money that you can save and earn using this system is higher than the cost of the product.

They offer a 60-day moneyback guarantee, so you can try it out and see if it really is what it promises to be by understanding it and using it for 2-months and decide further whether you want to continue your membership or not.

For more information, kindly visit the product website.

We hope you found this review useful. We would be more than happy to hear from you so kindly leave your comments in the box below before leaving this website. We would be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

12 thoughts on “What Lies In Your Debt Review – A Complete Analysis”

  1. It can be challenging to handle debt collectors and banks as an individual. However, to get ourselves out of a pickle is worth paying the extra money to save more money in the long run. The program you recommend is helpful for 2 months, and the ability to use it offers proper growth. I value the options it provides while working off the debt. It gives me less stress and time to regroup. 

    1. Hey John,

      The program is not just for 2 months, it was the refund period we were mentioning there. We believe the membership can be helpful for a person for as long as they wish to stay but the 2-months can help one to understand the benefits of this system. 

      Yes, it is very challenging to deal with the debt collectors and banks because they often don’t play by the rules taking advantage of people who don’t know how to tackle these big players and that is where a program like this can be useful to the common people.

      Thank you for your comment. 

  2. Hello! Your review is different from other niche. People fall in debt now-a-days because of the credit card. The bank gives credit card for each and every small thing. Your review for the company that can help people who fallen in debt with the bank or credit card is a easy way to control the bank and other company who given debit is belonging only to USA citizen or world wide. 

    Can a person who lives outside USA and not citizen is fallen in debt get help from this company? How do I get help for the bank debt in South Africa or anywhere in the world? An individual cannot handle all the challenging from the bank or any other company were a is borrowed for debt. Your review must have open many peoples brain and eyes.

    Thank you for sharing you knowledge.


    1. Hi Sahida,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, this membership is only useful for people living in the USA, the laws of every country are different and this particular program is only based on the financial laws of the USA. We would advise you to look for any similar portal that is meant for the same purpose in your country.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this article. I have about $30,000 debt right now. However, I’d like to learn more about debt settlement, especially when it comes to credit card debt. You’ve mentioned that this program can make credit card debt go away. Does it mean, literally go away and I can walk away without paying any money?

    1. Hi Sugiya,

      No, it does not mean that you can walk away without paying at all unless you find using this information whether your credit card company has been breaking any of the rules, and mostly they will help you to come up with a good settlement by analyzing your credit reports. In many cases, the debts have been completely waved-off and there has been a lot of their clients who have turned the tables and the debt collectors had to pay them instead.

      What we recommend you is to try their membership under the refund period and see what you can do in your case, if you succeed then you can further decide whether you want to continue with their membership or not.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, I have been struggling with how to deal with debt and fixing my credit and you provided a lot of great details on the membership and how it can help many people in this situation. I’m very interested in getting a membership to thank you! 

    1. Thank you for your comment. We are happy that you found our review useful and we hope that this product will help you with your problem and provide you with the right suggestions on how to settle your debts.

  5. Having a tool like this is great, especially for such a serious topic as debt. It can be annoying and difficult to get rid of the debt collectors so having a way you can use them to your advantage in my opinion is great. 

    Credit card is also an interesting topic as it varies between card companies. Finding out the truth could potentially help people out financially also.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Yes, you are right, a program like this can really be a lifesaver for those who are frequently annoyed by the debt collectors, and most importantly it is something that can help a person who has been tormented by the debt collectors who often break the law in the process, knowing what power you have over such situations can really be a big relief.

  6. To have debt and find that you are being haunted by debt collectors, can be nerve wracking and scary. So to have a membership platform that can help you, is a very good idea. If you have access to experts that can advise you and help you, can be reassuring and give you peace of mind that you are not on your own.

    Liberty Marketing LLC, with 40 years of experience in helping US citizens, seems to be a legitimate company to help you with debt collectors. Thank you for sharing a great review

    1. Exactly, this program is specially created for people who are scared of debt collectors. Knowing one’s rights when it comes to situations like this empowers a person to take control of the situation. 

      Yes, liberty marketing LCC is a trustworthy company and they have helped hundreds of people to overcome the financial crisis caused by money lenders.

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