Dr. Maybell Nieves’ Home Doctor Book Review

In this home doctor book review, we will be providing you with a complete analysis of the practical medicine for every household guide by Dr. Maybell Nieves.

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This is a book that is written by a doctor to help you to deal with situations when you can’t wait for professional help and it also covers many common household health problems that one can treat at home with proper information, so this guide will act as a virtual doctor and lifesaver during various situations. This book will teach you many methods to understand various health-related problems better and it provides solutions to many such ailments that you can do on your own.

From little suggestions to the first to-do things during emergencies, you will get all the necessary suggestions in this book that can come in handy during various kinds of situations. It also provides you with a complete list of medical supplies that you must have with you in your home for various common problems.

By having this book you will be able to detect symptoms of various diseases and it also contains some essential insights on a plethora of home remedies that you can use to treat many common health issues. With the help of this guide, you will also be able to perform many tests and understand whether you need to take professional help so that it does not get late to treat any particular ailment.

About the Author

The author of this book Dr. Maybell Nieves is the head surgeon of the unit of breast pathology and general surgeon at Caracas University Hospital in Venezuela. She holds more than 10-years of experience working in the operation room and she has studied at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan Italy.

Dr. Maybell has designed various methods of treating patients during the economical collapse of Venezuela. During those times the medical system of the city collapsed and they ran out of essential supplies including electricity and water. The technique that she developed during that time is now studied and applied in various conflict zones around the globe.

Dr. Maybell pioneered various methods and procedures that are extremely helpful during the times when the medical system becomes obsolete. These protocols are meant to be followed when there is no medical assistance available and that is why this guide co-authored by her is highly helpful when you are far away from hospitals in the middle of a medical emergency.

This book that you are getting here is authored by Dr. Rodigo Alterio, Claud Davis, and Dr. Maybell, it contains many of the techniques developed by Dr. Maybell and various other information provided by the other two authors that makes it a very important home treatment guide.

About the Program

This is a 304-page long e-book that is written by doctors that can help you to manage most of the health situations at home when you can’t depend on medical assistance.

Using this book, anybody can learn various ways using which they can manage many common health problems at home without seeing a doctor. It gives you a complete list of medicines and items that you must have at home because a small disruption in the supply chain of medicines can cause a scarcity of these must-to-have things. It prepares you for any kind of calamity or crisis that makes it difficult for you to have the proper treatment during such times.

The book will help you to learn specific symptoms of medical emergencies like a heart attack or a stroke that require you to detect them at an early stage so that immediate actions could be taken. For example, you will learn various foremost steps that need to be taken when you find the symptoms of something like a heart attack that can avoid complications due to the time it takes while the medical help arrives. And detecting stroke at an early stage with the help of this guide can save someone from partial paralysis or other complications.

With the help of this book, you will learn many things about medications like their expiry, there are many medicines that can be safe to take even after their expiry date and this guide will give you essential information about this subject so that you can rely on such pills when you can’t find new ones in the stores. You will also learn about different types of anti-biotics that you must have in stock for emergencies.

There are many home remedies and herbal treatments included in the content of this guide like how you can grow a natural painkiller in your backyard.

Apart from this, you will find many techniques that can help you to deal with common problems at home like the protocol for respiratory diseases, home remedies for skin injuries and infections, detecting internal inflammation, exercises for neck and back pain, natural antibiotic recipe, performing breast examination at home, home treatment for toothaches and mouth infections, removing the ingrown nail, etc.

The home doctor book also covers various ancient treatments that will surprise you like using leeches for the treatment of high blood pressure. It also contains more than 40 very essential home remedies that can treat many of your health problems.

This book has provided so much information about various problems that can be treated at home that it becomes impossible to even mention each of them here. It not only has some must to learn methods for emergencies but it covers a wide range of topics that you will be able to refer to this guide very frequently to help yourself as well as others because there are many solutions provided in this book for various issues.

Bonus Material

Wild Edibles You Can Forage For or Find Around Your House – The title of the book says it all, this is a digital e-book that contains information about many plants that grow around your house that have various medicinal values of which people are usually not aware. This is based on the herbs that people in Venezuela use to eat when they were unable to buy food from the market.

Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans – This digital e-book is based on the herbs that were used by the native Americans before modern medicine was born. It contains some very crucial information about various American plants that can act as remedies for various diseases. These plants about which you will learn in this book were used by people for hundreds of years before modern medicines came into existence.

Final Advice

Our research of this particular product tells us that the home doctor guide is something that should be available in every house because it teaches you the imperative lessons that you must learn to be able to cope-up with various medical emergencies. In no way this book should be used as an alternative to avoid medical assistance, it is only designed for conditions when medical assistance is not an option, so you should keep in mind that the purpose of this book is not to make you a doctor but help you when you can’t find a doctor. The small problems that can be treated at home and the home remedies that you will find for common ailments in this book are something about which you should definitely learn.

We are very much in favor of this book but we also strictly advise you to use it wisely and seek professional help whenever it is necessary. This product is available in both physical and digital formats. They also offer a 60-day moneyback guarantee so you can explore the content of this book for 2-months and decide whether you want to keep it or not.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Maybell Nieves’ Home Doctor Book Review”

  1. Having a medical book to read can be great for any type of person. If you are a student studying to be a doctor or just want to know the ins and outs of simple medics then the book can help. I am sure it goes into great detail but can also be skim read if you don’t want to read page by page.

    1. Hi Michael,

      It is not for medical students, it is for the general public to have a basic idea about various common health problems and solutions that can be used at home when medical assistance is not available. You don’t have to read the whole book instead you can keep it for referral and use it as a guide for certain situations.

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