Human Anatomy and Physiology Course by Dr. James Ross Review

In this human anatomy and physiology course by Dr. James Ross review, we will be taking a close look at this home study material that promises to help you master the human anatomy and physiology within a week. This is a comprehensive study material that is created for helping you understand all the necessary details about human anatomy which can be useful for you especially if you are a medical practitioner or a student, it can also be very handy for someone who is into a profession or field that requires one to have complete information about physiology and human anatomy.

This course is created in a easy to understand language that can be very helpful for anyone who is willing to acquire knowledge about human body and it does not matter if you don’t have any prior experience or knowledge about the structure or working of the human body.

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Dr. James have used diagrams and interactive methods in this book by including quizzes and illustrative guides to help anybody learn the complex information related to anatomy within the least time period possible.

About the Author

Dr. James Ross is a PhD holder in integrated physiology who has been teaching people about human anatomy and physiology since the year 1992. Initially Dr. James used to teach by writing in journals and magazines and he has also taught a lot of medical students, junior doctors  as well as practitioners.

After gaining a lot of experience in the area of teaching physiology and human anatomy, Dr. James established a training school named Inner Health in Pennsylvanian for educating and training the nurses and paramedics in the year 2004. He was also nominated for the poster prize at the British Neo-Endocrine Society Annual Conference in the year 2008 which was held in the University of Bristol.

Dr. James Ross has now used his knowledge and expertise as a teacher in this field to create this home study package which is made available to you online so that you can master the study of human anatomy within a short period of time.

About the Program

The product is a complete home study course that covers a plethora of medical topics and you will get information that fills about 3000+ pages of study material. This home study course by Dr. James Ross was previously only available to medical professionals but now you can have it from the comfort of your home. The course contains lessons filled with various test quizzes and bullet points that makes it easier for you to get a better understanding of everything that you will learn in this program.

The study material is compatible with all the computers and you can easily access the whole content of the program once you have enrolled. The course is filled with detailed explanations and illustrations with graphical representations and labels so that you can learn with the help of proper references. The book also includes various anatomical images with labeled and modeled information about all the structures and musculature so that you can understand various details about human anatomy like deep as well as superficial muscles, skeletal structures, nerves, blood supply, and specific features of every body part.

One of the best thing about this home study course is that the author has used a methodology to teach you about this subject in a way that you will not only be able to memorize some very complicated information but will also deeply understand the functions of various parts of human body.

The information presented in this book not only helps you to master anatomy and physiology but it also covers the workings of various types of systems in the human body like the digestive system, cardiovascular system, glandular system, etc., you will also learn some very important lessons on how various types of muscles, nerves, bones, glands, and connective tissues work and communicate with each other. The course also teaches you about comparative and cellular physiology whereas this information can also be used to master pharmacology which means that you will be able to have some very good idea about how drugs affect the central nervous system and you will gain insight about various types of autonomic and cardiovascular drugs as well as the drugs that are used to prevent and treat infections.

In the course material, you will also be offered some leading edge scientific research material that were only available to medical professionals before.

Bonus Material

Right now the author is offering a limited time bonus with this product named as the “Nursing  and Paramedics Masterclass” which is a exclusive course which covers the fundamental material that is essential to get started in the industry of nursing. This masterclass is a course that will equip you with various paramedical basics and information that will prepare you for nursing.

This masterclass contains a brief course about initiating rescue breathing and clearing airway obstructions, it also covers the surgical and sterile dressing procedures. The course includes 3 parts named as nursing 1, 2, 3. It also incorporates an overview and introductory course on medical mycology.

Since this is a limited time bonus, kindly check the product website to know if it is still available or not.

Final Advice

Overall, we find that this home study course is definitely far worth than the price at which they are offering right now because the vastness of this training material as well as the strategic tutorial format of the course is definitely something using which you can master the human anatomy and physiology. Although the author claims that you can use this information to achieve a complete mastery of the course within just a week but according to us you need a lot more time than that to be able to get a good understanding of the subject.

If you are a medical practitioner or student who wants to have a tool at their disposal for reference or you have a urgent need to study about human anatomy and physiology then this course can really be very helpful to you whereas it can also be used by someone who wants to have a general idea of this subject.

Moreover, this whole study package comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you get a lot of time to explore this material and decide for yourself about how useful this program is for you and whether it delivers what it promises.

For more information, kindly visit the product website.

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