Jane Church’s The Handcrafter’s Companion Review

In this “The Handcrafter’s Companion” review, we will be providing you with an in-depth analysis of this product which is basically a guide using which you can learn how to create various spa-quality products at home and use them to give yourself a relaxing spa-like atmosphere from the comfort of your home and gift your friends some amazing homemade spa products to surprise them as well.

This is a unique guide that contains a lot of information about how you can use your creativity to make soothing creams, aromatic fragrance products, bath bombs, butter, etc. which can be very nourishing for your skin and also this can help you to create an atmosphere that will relax you so that you can take a break from your stressful life.

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Using this guide you can not only make spa products for yourself and your friends but once you have mastered this skill, it can also become a source of income for you because these days the products like this are in good demand and people pay a lot for such items, so you can leverage this opportunity by making these products at home and sell them using various avenues. The spa industry is a very large sector in the US market and it ranks fourth when it comes to the scope of making wealth and considering the low investment and high profits that these products offer, you can really make a lot of profit if you are able to master this craft with the help of this handcrafter’s companion guide.

About the Program

This program is a guide and recipe book that provides you with formulas to create more than 126 spa product recipes at home along with many other professional secrets that you won’t find anywhere else. In these pages, you will be shown how you can make soothing bath salts, body scrubs, body lotions, balms, soaps, and many other products with the help of easily available raw materials in the market, and with the help of this information you can also use your creativity to customize the products to give a unique touch in their quality by tweaking the recipes and it gives you a large scope for experimenting using your own ideas so that you could come up with your special products.

Apart from the product recipes and some very useful information, this program also provides you with the secret to packaging and marketing so that you can come up with your own brand and reach your customers in order to do proper marketing of the spa products that you will be making on your own.

In this guide, you will be shown how you can make soap by trying various classic recipes to come up with many versions of soap and you will be taught how you can prepare bath teas, additives, soaks, bubble baths, bath bombs, home fragrance products, aromatic blends, potpourri, salts, polishes, scrubs, and many other items using which you can create a complete package of spa products and make a business out of it. In this book, you will find some very professional advice on how you can make spa treatments at a very low cost without compromising their quality.

Bonus Items

Apart from the main product, you will also receive some very useful reference material and resources as bonus items that will be helpful to you in various ways.

The bonus items include a quick start guide that will help any newbie to understand how to start with these materials and it will guide you on how you can proceed using this program. The package also has instruction manuals for the maintenance of the workspace and cautionary measures when working with spa ingredients in order to keep yourself safe and ensure maximum safety in the surrounding.

You will also get some very important tools that will help you with the building of your business and marketing. These reference materials and tools will help you to label your products by complying with the FDA regulations, it will give you the secret to doing proper branding of your products, they will also show how you can pack your products and choose the right color scheme. To help you understand the technicalities of the business, you will also receive information on how you can calculate the cost to ensure maximum profits and avoid the mistake of pricing the product wrongly.

Apart from this, the bonus materials include various informative tools on how you can use low-cost promotional ideas to market your product smartly.

Right now, the makers of this product are also offering 3 additional bonuses that are as follows(please check the product website if these items are still available):-

Bonus 1: Resource Guide – Here you will be provided with the source and supply list using which you can find the raw materials easily without having to spend a lot. This guide will save you a lot of time as it will simplify the process of searching for the best raw materials, packaging, and other supplies.

Bonus 2: The Lip Balm and Lip Gloss Handbook – This handbook contains 29 formulations that will help you to keep your lips soft and healthy.

Bonus 3: Special Reports – Here you will be taught how you can make some very amazing potpourri recipes. With the help of this guide, you will be able to make colorful and fragrant potpourri creations even as a beginner.

Final Advice

Overall, after looking at the product and bonus materials we believe that this product can really be a very useful guide for someone who is interested in spa products.

If you have a hobby of making spa products or you are interested in learning the formulas to create such products at home then undoubtedly this guide can prove out to be a very good investment for you but despite their emphasis on creating a spa product business with the help of this guide, we think you will need a very good experience in this field to make a business out of this craft. You will receive the resources and information on how to use this craft for money-making but according to us you should learn the skill with the help of this guide first and experiment with the results before thinking about starting a business.

The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you get an ample amount of time before deciding whether this stuff can work for you or not.

For more information, kindly visit the product website.

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2 thoughts on “Jane Church’s The Handcrafter’s Companion Review”

  1. Hello there,

    This is a very interesting topic, Spa products. I sometimes think of using my creativity to create some types of soaps or even aroma candles to enhance the energy in my living room. I guess recipes for such products are also available in this course, is it ??

    I liked also the idea of getting information on how to package the products and make a brand to sell them out. This information is very important for those who are looking for home-based self-made income jobs.

    P.S. the bonus items are very tempting.

    Thank you and good luck.


    1. Hello Rena,

      Thank you for reaching out, and I’m glad to hear that you find the topic of spa products interesting! You’re absolutely right; this course does provide various recipes for creating spa products like soaps and aroma candles, along with detailed instructions and tips on how to make them.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment!

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