The Patriot Self-Defense Review – Bruce Perry’s Program

In this review, we will be analyzing the patriot self-defense program by Bruce Perry which is aimed to provide the American public with a course material that can teach them some advanced techniques using which they can prevent themselves from violence no matter what their age or size is.

According to the author, these techniques can be used by anyone to protect themselves even if they are outnumbered and the methods are easy to learn that do not require any complicated exercise routine or intense training.

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Unlike the programs that are entirely based on martial arts, this training will not make you learn a lot of complicated moves and neither does it require a personal instructor. The author believes that from the large sets of moves that are usually taught in most self-defense programs, only a few moves are actually useful when it comes to real-life situations. So, Bruce has filled this program with the moves that will actually protect you during a life-threatening attack and he has compiled these practically applicable moves into this one program that you will be able to learn from the comfort of your home.

The crux of this program is the simplicity of the techniques that you will learn here which is probably the most important thing in a program like this because people need something that they can easily learn and apply in actual life-threatening situations.

What you will learn here are the simplest fight-ending techniques and these moves are something that you can use to even overwhelm multiple opponents.

About the Author

The author of this program is Bruce Perry who is a security contractor and veteran martial artist trainer based in New York. Bruce has been training air marshalls and bodyguards for the past 20-years. Many of his clients work in the security team of famous people from the entertainment industry and government organizations.

He has trained a lot of people who already belong to the military and have a lot of experience in combat skills, Bruce has trained them with combat methods that are most effective to deal with trained killers and unpredictable attacks. The course he has prepared here is based on the techniques that are used by soldiers, bodyguards, cops, and security agencies.

The idea of learning about self-defense more deeply occurred to the author when he faced an unfortunate situation where the thugs broke into his house and threatened the life of his family, despite the security system he had installed in his house and the firearms that they had with them they were looted by the thugs and even the 14-year of martial art training was not able to help him in that situation.

After that incident, the author realized that martial arts or any such training fails to work during real-life situations and that is why he went on to do some intense research on self-defense and he developed a strategy that can be used against assailants in actual scenarios. He honed a few moves that can be used quickly without having to think much and he created a training program based on these techniques that he went on to teach people for years and now he is bringing those methods to your home through this program.

Bruce compiled easy-to-apply methods and put together some proven tactics that can be learned from home into a system that can teach anyone the skills to tackle any kind of opponent. He went on to teach these methods to a group of 121 students who had no prior knowledge of martial arts or any other fighting techniques, these students were of different sizes and 42 of these students volunteered to test their skills against world-class street fighters and every one of them succeeded to defeat their opponents without getting injured. This is what made people come in a large number to ask the author for his training methods which led him to create this program.

About the Program

In this program, you will find a unique self-defense package in which you will find a proven manual that will prepare you to survive any kind of violent attack.

The first material of this package is a 250-page long manual that is named “How to Defeat Extreme Violence” which contains information about how you can survive attacks on the street or at home from attackers who use strategies and those who are out of control. This manual will prepare you mentally and provide you with the actions that you can take to be prepared for surprise attacks and also able to identify possible dangers.

The second material is a series of video demonstrations where you will learn the fighting moves that you can master in a very short period of time that can take down opponents who are larger and stronger than you. You will learn in these videos with demonstrations how you can use counter-intuitive techniques to deal with the street thugs and you will get specific guidance on what you should avoid in order to safeguard yourself from getting hurt.

In these videos, you will also get to know about the human body’s natural fulcrums that you can use to bring anyone to their knees in agony and many secret other methods that you can leverage to inflict pain on the attacker of any size.

The final part of this program is the patriot defense manual which contains all the information about the techniques that you will watch in the video demonstrations. This manual is like a guide where the author will teach you all the skills and practices using which you will be able to perform these methods that you have seen in the videos. This manual and the videos together form the main component of this program that will teach you the author’s special self-defense techniques in the simplest way possible. You will also get a special map that the author calls the strike zone map which points out all the vulnerable points of the human body.

Bonus Material

Bonus #1: How to Survive When There is No Ring, No Ref., No Rules – In this book, you will find 11 special moves developed by the author that are brutal and extremely effective in any street fight. These extra sets of moves add up to the techniques you have learned in the program to give you more options to use for self-defense.

Bonus #2: Demystifying Violence – This book is based on the psychology of violent people and it gives you an insight into why people turn violent. Here the author teaches how violence is present in all of us and how you can intentionally tap into that untamed animal in you to make yourself capable of dealing with aggressive attackers by being able to think like them.

Bonus #3: Turbulence Fitness – In this report, you will learn specially designed secret exercises that are meant to strengthen your reflexes and these 7 exercises will also train you to be prepared for potential dangers. These exercises are also helpful in weight loss and they will make you fit enough to be able to fight.

Bonus #4: Women Self Protection – Although the program is equally beneficial to both men and women this report specifically aims to train women to deal with violence. It contains specific techniques using which women can empower themself to be prepared for any kind of attack.

Final Advice

Considering the information provided in the main package and bonus materials, we think that this is a good deal to equip yourself with some information that can be highly helpful during life-threatening situations that requires one to be prepared to tackle a violent attack. However, we want you to have practical expectations from the program and the way the author is marketing this product makes us doubt the claims that they are making.

We don’t think that this material cannot be useful but what we are suggesting is that an individual should not expect to be able to deal with multiple opponents by learning from this course in a very short period of time. However, you can learn from this program some effective techniques that you can keep as a hidden skill that you can apply if you face any danger by properly analyzing the situation.

The program comes with a 60-days moneyback guarantee in which you can explore this material and decide whether it is really useful for you or not.

For more information, kindly visit the product website.

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