The Ultimate Energizer Guide Review – Scam or Real?

In this “The Ultimate Energizer Guide” review I will be giving you a proper idea about this guide that claims to help you to reduce your electricity bill by about  60%-70%, I will also provide you my honest opinion on whether this whole system is a scam or if it can really work.

According to the maker of this product, the earth is charged with a lot of negative energy which creates a virtual expressway for about 48.115 megawatts hours of electricity. Basically, this whole material reveals to you information about how to create a device that can derive electricity from the earth and thus help you to save a lot of money that you have been spending on your electricity bills.

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This product won’t be giving you any equipment or tools to build the device but it will give you a step-by-step strategy on how to build this particular instrument using some easily available equipment in the market. The maker of this guide says that the information that he is providing in this book is something that was discovered years ago by the very famous physicist Lord Kelvin, but his work failed to reach people.

Whether this whole system really works or not is still unclear but the author claims that he has himself been using this device and has also helped thousands of people to create this device and leverage the secret that he has discovered.

The Story behind the Ultimate Energizer

The story that the author tells us about how he stumbled upon this particular secret is both interesting as well as outlandish. You will find it hard to believe the story and this whole system may sound like a scam to you but there is no harm in trying something new in order to find out whether it works or not.

The story goes like this, the very famous physicist Lord Kelvin is supposed to have found that electricity can be generated using the vast amount of negative charge that earth carries.

Lord Kelvin gained the moniker “The mad scientist” due to his controversial claims of inventions like the “particle beam weapon” and “death ray” but he had a young assistant upon whom he placed a lot of trust and it is believed that this assistant kept a lot of secret information about Kelvin’s discoveries.

The assistant of Lord Kelvin had a son named Arthur Matthews. After the death of Kelvin and Arthur’s father, he kept on secretly working upon the blueprints of the scientist and he built a machine which successfully transported power from his home to about 1.3 miles away to the cove fields. He was able to do this by using just earth and no wires and he proved that the system really works. After his experiments, he documented all of his discoveries but he failed to reveal it to the public before his death in 1986.

Now 20 years later, the product’s maker Steven Perkins found a book when he moved to an evicted house near Quebec City, this was a strange book which he failed to understand and it was written by Arthur Matthews. A few days later a friend of the author named James who is an engineer saw this book and realized that they have found a very powerful secret using which people can power up anything with this renewable electricity that can be generated with the use of a device which can be built by using Arthur’s blueprint.

About the Product

The Ultimate Energizer guide is a step-by-step easy to read the manual that is written by Steven Perkins after he was able to successfully build the device using Arthur’s blueprints.

In this guide, you will get all the necessary information regarding how you can build this product at home without any prior knowledge about electronic and electrical devices. The book will not only assist you but it will also give you the perfect list of all the tools and equipment that you will need in order to build this device at home.

Using the device you will be able to power-up any kind of household appliances like lamps, toasters, refrigerators, and even AC units. The device is portable and it can be used as a generator whenever you will need electricity like during the times you are going camping or picnic.

The best thing about the device is that it is a green product and it does not harm the environment in any way. In place of going for options like solar panels which costs you a lot of money and requires high maintenance you can build the device for as less as $120 and it requires just a simple maintenance check every month.

Final Advice

One may wonder if this system really works and if it can replace other energy sources that we have been using all these years then why is it not popular yet. Like me, you may also be in doubt about whether this thing really works or not.

But what you must consider is that there are many people who have claimed that this system is working perfectly for them, moreover, the maker of this product is giving you a no questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee, so I don’t think to invest such a small amount on trying to build a device that can save you more than half of your electricity bill. You will also get 12-month unlimited e-mail support so you can contact them if you find any difficulty in making the device or while using it.

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The Ultimate Energizer

The ultimate energizer is simple and easy to read guidebook using which you will be able to build a device that can save your electricity bill by more than 60%. Using the instructions given in the book you can make this device at home with tools and parts that will not cost you much. Many people have claimed that this device really works but one can only know the truth by trying the stuff. Although this may seem like a scam, I think there is no harm in trying things out when you are getting a 60 days refund for this product.

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