Learn Piano in 30-Days Review – Step by Step Guide to Learning the Piano

In this learn piano in 30 days review I will be giving you an in-depth insight into this course that promises to teach you how to play piano within just 30-days.

This program claims that the sophisticated instrument like the piano can be mastered in very less time without needing any professional help or offline coaching.

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Using this program you will be able to sit at your home and learn how to play piano using the online lessons even if you have no prior knowledge about playing any musical instrument.

Although it is pretty obvious that you cannot master any musical instrument in a short span of time but what you will be learning in this program will give you the various essential steps using which you will be able to astonish people or you will yourself be amazed by how quickly you will be able to get better at playing this particular instrument.

The way learn piano in 30 days program is strategized by using the very powerful techniques it slashes the time to learn piano by about one-tenth of the time period it usually takes.

About the Program

This program is entirely a digital product where you will be receiving video lessons and other tools that will enable you to learn to play piano from the very basic.

You will be able to play some very popular songs quickly and with practice, you will also become efficient enough to play by the ear.

The program takes you to the core of piano lessons gradually and if you will invest your time properly you will also be able to read and write your own musical notes soon.

The best thing about the program that I found was that it teaches you how you can use your natural instincts to play some amazing tunes. If you are preparing for an event or if you are looking to master the art of playing this musical instrument then these lessons can prove out to be very effective for you.

The basic content of this program teaches you the beginner lessons for 30 days but there are 3 more advanced parts to this course which really makes it worthy of your time and money. Apart from the beginner course, there is another 30-day program which will take you to the next level by teaching you the intermediate skills that will get added to the basic lessons that you have already learned.

Once you are done with both courses you will be able to go through their master pianist program that will enable you to play any song of your choice like a professional musician. Once you have mastered all the 3 courses you will be then taught how you can play piano by the ear which will bestow you with the skill to play any song without even needing a music sheet.

The author of this program is Rachel James who is a classically trained professional pianist and she is also a singer and a songwriter. The best thing about Rachel is that she knows the secret to teach beginners with an approach that any expert like her finds very difficult.

Inside the Package

The main material of this program is a 30-day video series along with some piano exercises which will teach you the basics of playing the piano. All these modules are 10 minutes long video lessons for each day.

You will also get step-by-step famous songs lessons in this program which are video guides using which you will be able to choose from 100s of most famous songs, this list is weekly updated and it contains songs of all genre. If you want to play any specific song that you cannot find in the list, you can also send a request to them and they will provide you with a guide for the song of your choice.

In this program, you will also get access to a forum where you will be able to interact with their team of expert piano teachers who will be always available to help you with any particular query. In this forum, you will get unlimited support from their team as well as you will be able to interact with the other students also who will be sharing their tips and tricks as well.

They also provide you with piano software, tools, and resources. So if you don’t already have an instrument you can refer to practice on your computer using their virtual piano software. The tools include the facility using which you will be able to edit your tracks and record your own music. You will be also getting some piano quiz and games along with some music theory flashcards that will help you to learn more about playing the piano.

You will also get to explore from a collection of thousands of music sheets and audio files which contains the work of all the famous pianists, bands and artists. Here they have also included music sheets for various themes and it also contains some popular piano audios that you can download and listen anytime.

Final Advice

As a piano enthusiast, I have found this program to be very useful. Although I had some prior knowledge of playing this instrument it helped me tremendously to be able to play the piano like a professional pianist. However, by going through these lessons it became quite clear to me that any person who is beginning from the basics can learn a great deal about playing this instrument from the basics.

The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out for yourself and see whether it works for you or not. They also offer a 14-day trial for just $1, so if you are unsure about this course then also you can explore it for 2 weeks and make your decision accordingly.

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Learn Piano in 30 Days Program

This product comes from an expert pianist and her team that helps you to learn how to play piano from the very basic. If you are looking for an online course on learning how to play piano then this is probably the best material you can find right now. For people who have no prior knowledge of playing any instrument to anyone who is looking for advanced lessons in piano, this product is perfect as it assists you with both video lessons as well as their online support.

2 thoughts on “Learn Piano in 30-Days Review – Step by Step Guide to Learning the Piano”

  1. It’s cool to see that you can even send them a song of your choice and they will send you back the instructions for it. That’s what I call service. I like that they offer a $1 trial as well as 60 days money-back guarantee. It shows that the product is legit. Thanks for sharing this review.

    1. Yes, Ivan, this product is a legit one. They do help you to prepare for any performance that you are planning for any particular occasion, the teach you piano lessons from the very basic and they also take your skills to the next level if you already have the prior knowledge of playing this instrument. Thank you so much for your comment, cheers 🙂

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