The Simple Senior Swing System Review

In this the simple senior swing system review we will be giving you a detailed information about this product by Alex Fortey that promises to teach you how you can swing to get more than an extra 40 yards distance in a relaxed way and be ahead in your game if you are finding it difficult to get the strength as you used to during your young age.

This program will help you to rebuild your swing without needing to make much difference in your previous techniques.

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After a certain age golfers often find it difficult to play the game as they used to at an early age due to various problems like arthritis, tennis elbow, back pain, etc. Many people believe that loosing of the flexibility and strength leads to a poor performance in golf but according to the author you don’t necessarily need to be perfectly fit while playing golf and by knowing this simple senior swing you can go up against young golfers by landing the ball more than 300 yards down the fairway to a perfect chipping distance with ease.

About the Author

The author Alex Fortey is the founder of one of the most popular websites that give information about golfing. He is well known for his powerful drives which often crosses more than 320 yards and his practically applicable methods have helped thousands of people to improve their game across the globe.

After having some new insights and then training with a lot of other senior golfers the author came up with a swing method that helped them to get ahead then their younger competitors and by finding out what works Alex has created this program especially for old golfers so that they can get back into the game by making certain improvements to their way of swinging their club.

About the Program

The author takes a different approach in this program that is very different from the usual areas on which the instructors focus on while dealing with the senior players. People spend a lot of time and money on adjusting their posture and by trying to swing with more strength by buying new gear or by hiring professional golf instructors. However, the author believes that the older you get the more mentally composed you become and this allows you to focus better which makes his technique very powerful, especially for the senior players.

Alex calls this swing as the “straight as an arrow” technique which is hard for the young players to pull off with consistency. With age, you gain more experience, wisdom, and patience which allows you to become better at your game if you will focus on the right areas.

The simple senior swing system is based on muscle memory connection using which you can consistently swing in a way that you will be able to predict with accuracy where your ball is going to land before even pulling your club out of your bag. The author teaches you in the program that muscle strength as most golfers believe is not that necessary when it comes to playing this sport. Even if you get a 350-yard drive it will be futile if the ball is not landing on the sweet spot.

He tells you how you can relax and get “in the zone” which will allow you to send the ball flying more than 250 yards effortlessly. The method the author teaches will blend with your current swing in a way that you will be able to be more consistent with the methods that you have already practiced for years. You will not have to fret about your posture by going through various checklists that tells you that you need to stand in a certain position in order to get the right swing. Instead, this technique will boost-up your natural game and it will be more based on your intuitive approach to the game.

Using what you will be learning in this program you will be able to stay focused while people who are younger than you will start to perform poorly because after some time they might have used up all their strength while you will be still relaxed.

Inside the Package

This whole system is designed especially for senior golfers by professional golf instructors who know “what works” when it comes to the application of various methods in the practical scenarios.

The main material of this program are all video instructions that you can download and use in your phone, computer or tablet. You can even take these videos with you and practice the methods they will be showing you in the golf course. The videos are like a home study course that gives you step-by-step instructions based on the 6-key components that make this whole simple senior swing system.

With this program, you will get lifetime access to the simple senior swing system along with all the updates. You will also get access to all the videos in their online membership area which contains a lot of tips and techniques for the golfers.

Final Advice

Considering the popularity of Alex Fortey I can tell you that this guy teaches some very no-nonsense and practically applicable methods. The program is available for a very low price and it covers a lot of topics that can prove out to be essential for you if you are feeling that you have lost the flexibility and strength that you once used to have.

Right now they are offering a limited time only special price along with a 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee, so I think you can try it for 2 months and see whether it works for you or not. For more information, kindly visit the product website.

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The Simple Senior Swing

The program sounds like a too good to be true material but the maker of this program is a well-known personality who has provided a lot of information about golfing techniques to people for years through his very popular site. The video course takes a new approach towards golfing that is specially prepared for the senior golfers.

With the help of the methods taught in the program, you will be able to make slight changes to your old techniques which will give you a special advantage in the game without requiring much of your physical energy.

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